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Great Place to Work

Working at WLC is highly rewarding. 

We strive to help our employees lead a fulfilling life both at and outside the office.

Why WLC?

Collaborative Work Environment

We believe that ability to work as one is crucial in a work environment for achieving the impossible. We encourage a collaborative work environment to ideate, develop and deliver and to ensure progress in each of our employees.

No Forced Hybrid or WFH or WFO

You choose what works best for you to ensure Work / Life Balance. Save time you would spend commuting & spend quality time with your family, that’s what we promote. However, we equally respect your decision to come to office if that gets you focused

Flexible work hours & flexible timings

 You choose your own working hours & timing, we only expect some overlap with other devs so you can help them out & they can help you out & of course DSMs, but other than that, you choose the time that works the best for you!

No hierarchy or Sir / Ma’am culture

WLC has an almost flat culture. Even though we have team leads which are reporting managers for devs, devs are free to reach out to CEO / CTO when needed & there is no Sir / Ma’am culture.

Paid Over Time

WLC makes sure you’re being paid if you have to work overtime. 

Myth – “No IT company in India pays you for working more than the office hours”. 

Reality – “WLC tracks and pays you for every extra minute you’ve worked for the company”.

Every extra mile you go above and beyond for your work life is respected and taken care of.

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